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Westland Metal meeting

De Noviteit, Kloosterstraat 33, 2681 LD Monster


Boerderij podiumcafe /Zoetermeer


De Barrebats/Naaldwijk

De Speeltuin/Breda

About Us

Our Highlights so far

Winning Groeispurt 2016
Played @ Waterpop 2016
Played @ Dijkrock 2016
Album release First seed 2017
Winning Live en lazarus 2018
Winning Peter Tetteroo Bokaal 2018
Played @ Westerpop 2018

How we Formed

Growing up in the same part of Holland, and all members having had an active role in the local music scene it all seemed very natural that at some point a new band would get together in some shape or form.

It started in the Summer of 2014 when Nol, Paul and Boon were looking into creating something with a bit more swing and balls to it. Stoner metal seemed like the obvious choice.

With most of the band coming from either a previous punk or metal band, Stoner metal would be a nice challenge but also comfortable enough to pull off.

Soon after Jeff and Alex joined to complete the band.

The Future

In October of 2017 we release our first Full Length album!

We are talking with some talented artists to see if we can work on a new clip and album art.

And in the mean time trying to play as much as we can.

"who just recently released their first demo ,might as well have been their first LP, because it sounds great!"
Doomed & Stoned

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